Why do most people fail?

Why do most people fail to gain financial freedom?

Over 95% of the population trade their life for the token of value called money yet are still dependent on family or state to support them in retirement (if they live that long)

Why is this the story of most  people.

When you were born into this world you were dependent on your care givers so you naturally adopted their expectations of your behaviour and modelled  your behaviour on theirs inorder to be accepted as part of their tribe. You are labelled “Wrong” or “Diseased” if you do not fit in so it is natural that you will follow the system of failure unless you choose to model your self on successful people and clear the adopted virus programming for failure in your non-conscious mind. Listen to the replays at  http://online.jeneth.com/od/index.php?FeatureID=9

The Education System was designed by the Establishment to perpetuate their ability to rob you by getting you to believe, despite the evidence, that if

  • you do what you are told;
  • accept what you get in this life as your only choice;
  • work hard to make the establishment & bosses richer

then you will be ok because the establishment knows your interests better than you do.

So the Education System does not teach people how to make money work for them  or even how to manage money so if you do beat the odds to get a large amount of money (via gambling on stocks or lottery etc) you will be worse off within 2 years (if you do not commit suicide first because money can not create happiness)

Are you one of the 80% of people are in jobs they hate because they have not used Access Consciousness tools to clear their adopted limiting beliefs which causes them to fail.

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