Sick & tied

Are you sick & tied of trading your life working hard to get the crumbs while your boss & the politicians occupy your place at Life’s banquet?

I invite you to join me in creating a just, fair & healthy world where you get to do what you came to Earth to do and get rewarded for the benefit you create.

I know it is not easy to escape from the lies politicians have been saying for the past 1000 years:
They know what is best for you – better than you can know yourself

They serve the Public Good – by creating debt; wars; inequality; poverty; fear; pollution; Ill-heath and doing secret deals to benefit companies at your expense

That there is only one way do things “one size fits all” – despite there being over 7.2 Billion Unique Human Beings currently on Our One & Only One Planet

You have to ignore your wisdom and work hard doing what others tell you is right for you and hope you will get enough money to survive until you are put on the scrap heap.
Prices reflect cost and value – but polluters do not pay the real cost of their actions and the value of money changes with wealth, income & personal preferances

Business create wealth (for investors) by extracting more money from Customers (who have to have access to enough money to buy the stuff) than they pay out to Workers; Suppliers & Government (Taxes/bribes) to obtain the stuff they sell.

Successful people are true to their sole’s principles and create their own economy by profitably solving people’s problems.

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