Will the NHS be there when You need it?

Will the NHS be there when you need it?
The NHS now has a £791 deficit and it is growing because of

  • the policy (since 1066) of creating unnecessary suffering by robbing the majority of the people in this country to give a temporary gain to a few of the Conservative Party’s sponsors
  • Creating Pollution (eg DoT) as those that cause pollution do not pay the real cost
  • Drug companies extracting ever more money for drugs (designed to suppress symptoms only not to provide a cure)
  • Below inflation funding for workers (Nurses have to work extra 13 hour shifts on their days off just to survive) & for NHS – as its inflation rate is much higher than the government uses as its average to drive down living standards
  • Demand is continuing to rise as people have longer  & less healthy life styles
  • the Lie that when someone makes a profit it must be good for all- despite not compensating those they harm to make a profit.

Who do you trust to help you enjoy the good health you deserve?

  1. Business based on Profit regardless of harm caused
  2. politicians that pay themselves more than the inflation rate and pass bad laws like the EU withdrawal bill with over 200 errors
  3. or a Group of normal people wanting a better future – Global Justice.org.uk

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