Boosting your vibration to change your Life -free tool

you can get a free tool to calm you & raise your vibration by entering the referal code “philip-933” at then when you are less stressed you will be able to use free things like Karen’s affiliate program or “drop shipping” as alternative income streams to a job.
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 When you sign up you will need to select one of pre-made programes from the store using the credits and watch it full speed then gradually speed it up to 3 min duration for regular viewing so your brain gets the new stimulation it needs as it retrains into happiness, love, gratitude so you can experience better things in your life. I like Kim’s “Being Happier”; Dana’s “Abundance” & Rikka’s “Divine Happiness” Inorder to make it even more effective by adding your own pictures you need to “upgrade your account”. It is worth sticking with it despite the occasional technology problems with accessing the system. 

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