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Why the 2020 lockdown is a blessing?

What if you knew the current enforced pause -the 2020 lockdown that most of us are under as Health care systems struggle to cope with the latest trade induced disease (like The Plague, Swine Flu, Stress, Sugar addition etc)- was actually here to help us to take the time to rest & reevaluate
What is important in your life?
HEALTH; Family; Community; Living our desired life

and What is not working?
like an economy based on taking to benefit a few: the Health of all via pollution; the money from customers; Time & resources from poorer people.

Or the Bureaucratic sector that ignore evidence to impose their “One size fits all” policies regardless of the harm caused to the majority.

The reduction in economic activity during the lockdown is allowing Nature to heal some of the effects of years of pollution that is adding to the danger of the current situation and people are discovering their local area.

So we can emerge stronger to create a just, peaceful society that works for the mutual benefit of all.

By the law of physics
E = MC2
Energy = Matter * Speed of light * Speed of light
What you give your Energy (including your thoughts such as “I Hate this …”) to grows.
You can choose to let fear stop you or you can choose to improve your life in minutes a day with a free tool by entering the code “Philip-933” at hppts://

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We have 18 months to save world, Prince Charles warns Commonwealth leaders

Down from 12 years to 18 months to Save human society on Earth because of the biofeedback as the permafrosts melt and because governments have being accelerating climate change for the past 70 years by following the 17th century economic theory of “Profit for a few must create wealth for all” -despite the fact businesses do not create wealth (they merely concentrate wealth from customers in the hands of a few owners).

As governments are too obsessed with their system of Fake Accounting called GDP (R.Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 for pointing out GDP measured nothing of importance) to do anything for the country they need to be removed and a just system based on human value & true costing introduced to stop subsidizing polluters (like air traffic, fossil fuels & chemical farmers) & make producers responsible for the harm their products cause in production, use & waste storage of their products.

It has been known for over 100 years that buildings, roads & bare/compacted ground turn the sun’s energy into heat while healthy plants & trees turn the sun’s energy into growth by absorbing CO2 & producing the Oxygen we need to breathe.

Now is the time to stop the Treason of politicians and change course. #FakeAccounting #GDP #ProfitForaFew #energy #subsidizingPolluters #TimeIsNowtoStop #Treason #OxygentoBreathe

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