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Sick & tied

Are you sick & tied of trading your life working hard to get the crumbs while your boss & the politicians occupy your place at Life’s banquet?

I invite you to join me in creating a just, fair & healthy world where you get to do what you came to Earth to do and get rewarded for the benefit you create.

I know it is not easy to escape from the lies politicians have been saying for the past 1000 years:
They know what is best for you – better than you can know yourself

They serve the Public Good – by creating debt; wars; inequality; poverty; fear; pollution; Ill-heath and doing secret deals to benefit companies at your expense

That there is only one way do things “one size fits all” – despite there being over 7.2 Billion Unique Human Beings currently on Our One & Only One Planet

You have to ignore your wisdom and work hard doing what others tell you is right for you and hope you will get enough money to survive until you are put on the scrap heap.
Prices reflect cost and value – but polluters do not pay the real cost of their actions and the value of money changes with wealth, income & personal preferances

Business create wealth (for investors) by extracting more money from Customers (who have to have access to enough money to buy the stuff) than they pay out to Workers; Suppliers & Government (Taxes/bribes) to obtain the stuff they sell.

Successful people are true to their sole’s principles and create their own economy by profitably solving people’s problems.

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Sorry you have being unsuccessful

Sorry you have being unsuccessful

in your attempt to purchase the webinar for with water safety

please retry here

so you can avoid A DeatH or worse.

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Why do most people fail?

Why do most people fail to gain financial freedom?

Over 95% of the population trade their life for the token of value called money yet are still dependent on family or state to support them in retirement (if they live that long)

Why is this the story of most  people.

When you were born into this world you were dependent on your care givers so you naturally adopted their expectations of your behaviour and modelled  your behaviour on theirs inorder to be accepted as part of their tribe. You are labelled “Wrong” or “Diseased” if you do not fit in so it is natural that you will follow the system of failure unless you choose to model your self on successful people and clear the adopted virus programming for failure in your non-conscious mind. Listen to the replays at

The Education System was designed by the Establishment to perpetuate their ability to rob you by getting you to believe, despite the evidence, that if

  • you do what you are told;
  • accept what you get in this life as your only choice;
  • work hard to make the establishment & bosses richer

then you will be ok because the establishment knows your interests better than you do.

So the Education System does not teach people how to make money work for them  or even how to manage money so if you do beat the odds to get a large amount of money (via gambling on stocks or lottery etc) you will be worse off within 2 years (if you do not commit suicide first because money can not create happiness)

Are you one of the 80% of people are in jobs they hate because they have not used Access Consciousness tools to clear their adopted limiting beliefs which causes them to fail.

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Will Your life leap ahead this leap year?

Will Your life leap ahead to where you desire to be this leap year?

No it will not


  •  you release the emotional baggage of blame & pain that you have picked up from the people around you

  • and choose to be resonating at a frequency that is in harmony with the good things in life.

It takes courage to let go of the chains that the political institutions of religion, schooling &economics place on you so you play small so the establishment can benefit from your fear.

This is why I listen to inspiring speakers on various telesummits like or at 3pm EST 12pst 8pm GMT

Be the Change you want to see in the worldat 3.50pmEST at 4pm EST at 7pm EST or at 8pm EST

at 9pm EST or

or listen to the replays although you get a more profound experience when you share experiences with more people at a time so live calls are better

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Value in Money video

Value in Money?

-this video says it all

This video explains how the workings of the human minds allowed the cultural programming of mis-understanding money to create the credit crunch.

Are you happy living in the “Age of Stupid” when it is the Governments’ policy to support the banks who deliberately hid their  mis-selling of credit (which caused the Credit Crunch) because they want to buy more stuff to stimulate the economy so it can increase the rate of climate change even more.  The economic system is incapable of benefiting for us while it rewards those who grab a temporary gain regardless of the cost to everyone of pollution.

What will you do to create your better future?

I will remember getting stuff does not add to your happiness because happiness is a felling so comes from inside you as you use the energy represented by your tools (imagination, money & stuff).

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Boost your subscribers by 1000 in record time

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Which of these beliefs prevent money flowing to you?

Which of these beliefs prevent money flowing to you? Which stop you building your wealth to sustain life?

Everyone is conditioned by Family, Friends, Religion, Education System, and the Media

Into Adopting beliefs like

  • Money (or the love of money) is the Root of All Evil
  • Money is Power
  • Rich People love Money
  • The Rich get Richer by exploiting the Poor
  • The Fat Cats (Bankers, Bosses) are Greedy
  • The Rich are Lucky and do not deserve it
  • You have to work hard to be Rich
  • Rich people are crooks & obnoxious (eg Dallas, the Sheriff of Nottingham, other films)
  • Money corrupts even good people
  • Wealthy people can only go to haven after giving away all their wealth
  • Money is dirty
  • Filthy Rich
  • Money does not grow on trees
  • More Money than Sense
  • money is not for honest folk like us
  • Wealthy people can not be spiritual
  • blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth (once the rich have finished playing with it)
  • It is wrong to profit from helping people
  • Cold Hard Cash
  • Can not afford it
  • Not enough
  • I am not worthy of wealth
  • Any others?

However there are some safe & simple – yet powerful techniques to let go of these beliefs of others that you have adopted to limit your ability to attract And maintain a flow of wealth, so you can maximise Your Spiritual Gifts by helping all you can by building a sustainable business.

  1. EFT -Tapping into the hidden powerful resources of your emotions
  2. Hypnosis – you are in a hypnotic state whenever 3 or more of your senses (including emotion) are stimulated at once and can be used against you as in the case of subliminal advertising to promote over consumption & obesity or can benefit you when the hypnotist respects you and helps you to be free of your phobia in minutes.
  3. NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – the words you use are the expression of the thoughts you are giving the power to run your life to.
  4. Rebirthing (also known as Conscious Connected Breathwork)

Join in with this Audio or come to a live event to break out of the limiting beliefs of others to experience the wonders of building your sustainable life.

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