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We have 18 months to save world, Prince Charles warns Commonwealth leaders

Down from 12 years to 18 months to Save human society on Earth because of the biofeedback as the permafrosts melt and because governments have being accelerating climate change for the past 70 years by following the 17th century economic theory of “Profit for a few must create wealth for all” -despite the fact businesses do not create wealth (they merely concentrate wealth from customers in the hands of a few owners).

As governments are too obsessed with their system of Fake Accounting called GDP (R.Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 for pointing out GDP measured nothing of importance) to do anything for the country they need to be removed and a just system based on human value & true costing introduced to stop subsidizing polluters (like air traffic, fossil fuels & chemical farmers) & make producers responsible for the harm their products cause in production, use & waste storage of their products.

It has been known for over 100 years that buildings, roads & bare/compacted ground turn the sun’s energy into heat while healthy plants & trees turn the sun’s energy into growth by absorbing CO2 & producing the Oxygen we need to breathe.

Now is the time to stop the Treason of politicians and change course. #FakeAccounting #GDP #ProfitForaFew #energy #subsidizingPolluters #TimeIsNowtoStop #Treason #OxygentoBreathe

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Tax Subsidize Polluters to Create Climate Crisis.

The Climate Crisis is the predictable result of governments subsidizing polluters like Heathrow & DoT (via the tax system) hoping to boost the profit for a few (of their sponsors) despite the fact that only businesses that make money are the Central Bank & the Royal Mint – other businesses merely concentrate wealth from customers in the hands of the owners. It has been known for over 100 years (since the advent of areal photography) that bare ground, tarmac & buildings turn the sun’s energy into heat while healthy plants & trees turn the sun’s energy into growth & production of the Oxygen we need to breathe. #ClimateCrisis #ProfitForaFew #TaxSubsidizesPolluters

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Why GDP is False Accounting

Why GDP is False Accounting.
GDP is the Gross Domestic Product of a country and is calculated by adding together the nominal value all economic activity (including inflation from property speculation & money spend on repairing the damage caused by polluters) of a country and hopping it will measure economic wellbeing so investors/ governments can compare their performance with other countries & over time.
Not all economic activity is beneficial so should be subtracted from the totals.
• The cost of collecting & processing all waste produced by the production & distribution systems
• The cost of health care to restore everyone back to the health they had before the economic activity
• The cost of dealing with pollution such as oil spills, mining disasters or contamination of land/water
• The cost of dealing with “natural disasters” like flooding resulting from man’s activities such as deforestation, urbanization or negligence
• The cost of dealing with high crime rates
• The cost of compensating all that are harmed by any of the above

GDP gets inflated
• when businesses extract more profit by raising their prices above costs eg drug & utilities
• when a few benefit from speculating in the land, property, commodity, stock or finance markets at the expense of the majority
• and when governments increase inflation by issuing more money (that they borrow from private companies called banks) to stimulate demand.

GDP does not include the value of voluntary work (including women’s domestic work) nor the value of those produce their own food. The value of economic activity is determined by those who control the markets and undervalues the work of those who are not empowered to choose the type or location of their work.

As Robert Kennedy said before being assassinated in 1968 “GDP does not measure productivity, income, wealth, health, wellbeing or life expectancy of people nor the sustainability, inequality & injustice of society so measures nothing of importance” so should be scraped and governments made to use True Cost / Benefit Analysis as a tool to improve their activities.

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Boosting your vibration to change your Life -free tool

you can get a free tool to calm you & raise your vibration by entering the referal code “philip-933” at then when you are less stressed you will be able to use free things like Karen’s affiliate program or “drop shipping” as alternative income streams to a job.
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 When you sign up you will need to select one of pre-made programes from the store using the credits and watch it full speed then gradually speed it up to 3 min duration for regular viewing so your brain gets the new stimulation it needs as it retrains into happiness, love, gratitude so you can experience better things in your life. I like Kim’s “Being Happier”; Dana’s “Abundance” & Rikka’s “Divine Happiness” Inorder to make it even more effective by adding your own pictures you need to “upgrade your account”. It is worth sticking with it despite the occasional technology problems with accessing the system. 

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Why is going to a Franchise (expo) Trade Show likely to be the most costly mistake you will make?

What is a franchise? Buying the right to build a business similar to an existing business in the hope you can get similar results despite being in a different time, different location and with a different personality / skill set to the person that made the business a success. A system is only one of the elements required to move you out of the 95% of business owners that fail within 5 years.

What is an expo(exhibition & sales pitch event) or Trade Show? A Supermarket of 100’s of stalls selling franchises or other things to want to be business owners eg accounting, admin or marketing. Like all supermarkets you are exposed to a range of products in a way designed to get you to buy more than you intended. Each stall will be manned by either employees with no experience of running a business or, even worse by promoters – hired just for the event & on commission for sign ups.
As the cost of a franchise averages 50K or more it represents a substantial part of your life’s savings so there will be a big emotional charge in the room as the 1000’s of visitors make big decisions or gambles about their financial future so you may think “I need to get this now” is your thought when it is mealy a thought transmitted (like tv or radio channels) from others in the room. Marketers know when emotions are high rationality is low – which is why they advertise harmful stuff like gambling, alcohol & smoking during sports. So to avoid committing to something that is not in your best interests step away & visit the local park to get more Oxygen so your brain / heart can make a good decision.

B. = Business
E. = Essentials

S. = System
M. = Marketing
A. = Actual Delivery
R. = Reputation
T. = Timely
E. = Economical
R. = Results
R. = Reliably

Before going to an expo
Ask who benefits if the fees are a lump sum up front
or annually
or a percentage of income eg affiliates
Is there on going support / training
Who controls the marketing?
Where are you in the product & industry life cycle?

Who did I help to get the money I want to invest in a franchise
Can I better serve them by investing a fraction of the money in training to acquiring a skill such as marketing or by buying a business (not creating my own business/ job) or investing in property, stocks, gold etc.

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Be Smarterr -work less

Most people work hard trading their Life’s best time to get some money and hope they will be able to survive when the income dries up when the whims of Customers, the Boss or the government changes.
foxy lady
SMARTER people know the value of their unique skills and structure their Life / business to maximize the value they produce & systematize what they do so can do the work once & get paid again & again and use some of the money generated to pay others to do things they are better suited to doing – thus increasing total productivity.

Successful people develop the skills to identify & trade Assets to make money in Business, Property, or stock & foreign exchange markets without gambling.

Will You Be Smarterr?
Everyday with
To Your Target and

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Sick & tied

Are you sick & tied of trading your life working hard to get the crumbs while your boss & the politicians occupy your place at Life’s banquet?

I invite you to join me in creating a just, fair & healthy world where you get to do what you came to Earth to do and get rewarded for the benefit you create.

I know it is not easy to escape from the lies politicians have been saying for the past 1000 years:
They know what is best for you – better than you can know yourself

They serve the Public Good – by creating debt; wars; inequality; poverty; fear; pollution; Ill-heath and doing secret deals to benefit companies at your expense

That there is only one way do things “one size fits all” – despite there being over 7.2 Billion Unique Human Beings currently on Our One & Only One Planet

You have to ignore your wisdom and work hard doing what others tell you is right for you and hope you will get enough money to survive until you are put on the scrap heap.
Prices reflect cost and value – but polluters do not pay the real cost of their actions and the value of money changes with wealth, income & personal preferances

Business create wealth (for investors) by extracting more money from Customers (who have to have access to enough money to buy the stuff) than they pay out to Workers; Suppliers & Government (Taxes/bribes) to obtain the stuff they sell.

Successful people are true to their sole’s principles and create their own economy by profitably solving people’s problems.

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