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Is it a surprise to have institutional racism when the elite use any of these 10 lies?

Is it a surprise to have institutional racism when the elites in taking based societies (ie societies of bullies where force is used to take what they want from others to create Win -Lose society with increasing injustice & inequality) use any of these 10 lies to foster unaccountability?

(1.) It is the will of the People because Governments, politicians & bureaucrats work for the People (& not their self interest or the interests of their sponsors) even in Banana Republics or pysdo-democratic countries like America & England where the majority of votes do not count. Is it the will of the People to respond to the pandemic by increasing health damaging pollution by transferring wealth to increase subsidies to polluters?

(2.) We are in the position of self proclaimed authority so “know What is is best for You – better than you can ever know yourself!!!” despite not being known for using wisdom as party politics selects candidates who will follow the whims of the Party regardless of evidence. Bureaucrats just carry on doing what they have done -imposing “One size fits All” eg tackling Air Pollution causing Ill-health by building more roads to increase traffic to create more pollution – until the Public are so outraged by the evidence that it is not working that they force a change.

(3.) The Pursuit of Happiness. This lie implies that things (that others control are moving away from you) outside of you are more powerful / important than you as can give you limited access to the Feeling called Happiness despite the fact that feelings only exist when you choose to create them inside you.

(4.) Governments promote the lie Only Business creates Wealth (that is required to correct the damage businesses & governments produce) so they can justify subsidising them with lower tax rates & more exemptions such as spending on excess packaging & on misleading advertising via corruption corporation tax. Businesses can only sell stuff to customers who already have money and are willing to give more money to the business than it spends to obtain the stuff sold. Businesses only concentrate existing wealth into the hands of a few.

(5.) Profit measures efficiency but only when comparing businesses with the same cost & price structure in the same market. Otherwise profit only measures the ability of the business to extract more money from customers &/or from workers due to their monopoly power &/or its ability to pass costs of pollution & illness on to others.

(6.) I am more important than you because I have more wealth than you so can buy the support of the Law, government and the police. Businesses are separate legal identities to protect the owner’s assets from his actions.

(7.) Price = Cost = Value, that bureaucrats use to avoid been accountable, is a lie as there would be no reason to trade unless the perceived value & actual value to customer are above the price and above the cost the business bares to obtain the stuff they sell. The real cost would be the price the customer paid that included all the costs of externalities like pollution; illness & social damage resulting from the production & use of the stuff sold.

(8.) People are paid what they are worth. Workers are never paid what they are worth especially if they are not in a union or are from a group that is discriminated against because the wealth that workers produce has to fund raw materials, power, finance &  the accounts; admin; management; marketing; sales & customer service departments as well as giving the owners a return.

(9.) Governments pretend their system of Fake Accounting called #GDP measures economic wellness of a country – but it just distorts the economy towards what is measured and away from wellbeing as money spent on clearing up pollution and dealing with ill-health is added to the income generated by businesses producing these externalities while the full costs of the extrenalities like pollution, Climate Change & Social disruption from the organised crimes that governments foster by creating Tax Havens, are not accounted for.

(10.) Trade is always beneficial but only when done for mutual benefit with informed consent between equals. Most trade deals are unfair especially those with the US where the poorer party is limited to just selling raw materials to companies in the US and buying back the products while also being sued (in the companies own courts ) if they dare to stop the company from poisoning their people & environment. Countries wanting to be more than another polluted banana republic need to get fair trade deals with each other to build up their expertise to produce high value products to get the money to pay the interest on the loans they have been conned into accepting from the rich countries.

So what can be done about it?

Create a better resource allocation system that favours local solutions instead of muti-nationals to replace the failed greed & fear based top-down system.

That will include the use of schools:

  • to correct the programming that things are more important than people (-which is installed by bad parenting methods & advertising by age 1 )

  • to correct the habit of stress (& dis-ease) inducing shallow chest breathing

  • to reconnect people with their inner guidance systems

  • empowers people to deal with trauma so they can release the burden of passing it on

  • to empower people to use their uniqueness to work with others to create more than the sum of the parts (this wealth can be used to self fund schools & other services) to learn more I invite you to join

  • Educate people that Life Matters and Older Civilisations & Native communities have wisdom that modern society needs like how to grow your own food & to be sustainable.

  • and that Nature is not some fearful monster that must be beaten into submission. Life thrives in healthy ecosystems where the waste of one species (eg tree leaves) becomes the food / home for others and predators cooperate with pray species to keep the system healthy.

  • Dis-eases are formed when systems are out of balance: as when importing plants / animals from other areas; or by supporting the chemical farming favoured by the banks (as (a) require bigger loans each year to pay for more of the more expensive chemicals to offset the fall in productivity and (b) have a increasing risk of failure so the bank can take your land) as predators are absent from mono-cultures while pests build up resistance to the poisons applied to them. Mono-cultures are also more prone to being lost to the Changing Climate caused by urbanisation & pollution.

  • Healthy Plants turn the sun’s heating energy into growth & the production of Oxygen that we need to Breathe & to get out of Fight/Flight response.

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Welcome to Your Better Future.

This web site is intended to help you to work with Nature so you can create a Better Future for yourself which is Naturally Sustainable.

In these uncertain times with increasing Climate Change causing more storms; flash flooding and draughts to undermine the world’s food supply at the time of record levels & expanding human population will you be able to afford to live in retirement? (If you live that long?)

Will you be hit by the Government’s Policy of putting the retirement age up to 70 and increasing Taxes while continuing to cut services in order to fund the bonuses of their pals in the Banks those greed naturally lead to the doggy practices that resulted in the Credit Crunch (just like they did back in 1929).

Will you be hit by the rise in unemployment that normally comes with an economic down turn because ordinary businesses react to a bad patch by making poor management decisions (as how to make good decisions is not taught in schools) so make the economic situation worse?

Yes You Will be

Unless You take responsibility {the ability to respond appropriately} for creating the life you want

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