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7 Ways to Make Money Online – With Or Without Your Own Website

7 Ways to Make Money Online – With Or Without Your Own Website

How to Make Money on the Internet

People dream of having the Internet Life Style of working from any where on Our Planet and working only a few hours a week to have enough cash flowing in to fund what ever they want. Yet most people do not take any action to create their desired life

There are lots of ways you can make money on the internet with or without your own website:

  1. Promoting other people’s stuff as an affiliate like Amazon does or drop-shippers.
  2. Selling advertising space for banner ads, text ads or AdWords
  3. Selling your products from your website
  4. Selling your product from other peoples websites such as eBay or Google via AdSense
  5. Getting others to sell your product as affiliates
  6. Getting others to pay you for the privilege of creating your content for you by subscribing to a membership site & adding entries to your forum
  7. Just using the internet as a tool to create deals like the share traders do

All it takes is a little time and effort to learn the skills to

  • Identify a place in the market where you can base your business to give value to society
  • Identify a profitable product (book, membership site, cd, video, report or e-book)
  • Identify the best way to get your message across (classified ads, articles, blogs, Ebay, forums, Google, Membership sites, online store, others’ websites)
  • And Add Traffic (from various sources, PPC, SEO, referrals, JV’s, email lists etc)
  • Test & measure to find what works best for your market and keep giving your market what it wants.

However 80+% of people will never do anything except squander their money & life on searching for a “Magic Bullet” that can never exist. Even apparent over night successes like Mike Filsaime spent years before hand learning the skills & building up his support team so he could overcome the social conditioning of working for money that the government uses to prevent you from demanding a just share of the money flowing in the world today so you could, like everyone else on the our planet, be a millionaire.

Most people who do something to create the life they want – just stop at the first obstacle, where as the rich treat failures as only temporary set backs & obstacles are learning experiences on the way to even greater things. Remember 99% of internet businesses fail within 3 years & most internet millionaires had an average of 17 set backs before they made their millions when they did not have a mentor. So Ask Philip  how to make money on the internet now.

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