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Which of these beliefs prevent money flowing to you?

Which of these beliefs prevent money flowing to you? Which stop you building your wealth to sustain life?

Everyone is conditioned by Family, Friends, Religion, Education System, and the Media

Into Adopting beliefs like

  • Money (or the love of money) is the Root of All Evil
  • Money is Power
  • Rich People love Money
  • The Rich get Richer by exploiting the Poor
  • The Fat Cats (Bankers, Bosses) are Greedy
  • The Rich are Lucky and do not deserve it
  • You have to work hard to be Rich
  • Rich people are crooks & obnoxious (eg Dallas, the Sheriff of Nottingham, other films)
  • Money corrupts even good people
  • Wealthy people can only go to haven after giving away all their wealth
  • Money is dirty
  • Filthy Rich
  • Money does not grow on trees
  • More Money than Sense
  • money is not for honest folk like us
  • Wealthy people can not be spiritual
  • blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth (once the rich have finished playing with it)
  • It is wrong to profit from helping people
  • Cold Hard Cash
  • Can not afford it
  • Not enough
  • I am not worthy of wealth
  • Any others?

However there are some safe & simple – yet powerful techniques to let go of these beliefs of others that you have adopted to limit your ability to attract And maintain a flow of wealth, so you can maximise Your Spiritual Gifts by helping all you can by building a sustainable business.

  1. EFT -Tapping into the hidden powerful resources of your emotions
  2. Hypnosis – you are in a hypnotic state whenever 3 or more of your senses (including emotion) are stimulated at once and can be used against you as in the case of subliminal advertising to promote over consumption & obesity or can benefit you when the hypnotist respects you and helps you to be free of your phobia in minutes.
  3. NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – the words you use are the expression of the thoughts you are giving the power to run your life to.
  4. Rebirthing (also known as Conscious Connected Breathwork)

Join in with this Audio or come to a live event to break out of the limiting beliefs of others to experience the wonders of building your sustainable life.

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