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Snow of 5th Jan 2010 the Worst or Best for 30 Years?

As a Gardener, I understand Nature so know  that although the deep snow we have had over the 5th may be the heaviest for 30 years it does not make it a bad thing or a good thing because that is a value judgement so is solely dependent on the story you create to make sense of your life.

The deep snow did flatten some plants & break a few branches off un-healthy Y shaped plants – so now you have the opportunity to turn them back into healthy A shaped by using hedge laying techniques to reduce the stress of plants. The snow is unlikely to have done any real damage to plants – even to the daffodils; pansy or hazel trees that were already in flower because snow is a great insulator (which is why Eskimos build their homes out of snow instead of stone) so protected the plants from the low temperatures.

As Councils were unprepared  for the Winter weather hundreds of schools were closed and roads were blocked & the trains did not run so people could not get to their jobs. Yet was there any real suffering? The vast majority of people work in jobs they do not enjoy for the benefit of a few subsidized polluters because that is the way society has been run since 1066. Maybe a few house bound people – in areas where the residents think life happens to them & that others will sort it out – got neglected more. However in areas were the residents realise they are responsible for creating the life they want – the snow made the communities stronger

  • forced people to think (if only briefly) about what is important instead of just doing the same things
  • as we worked together to dig routes for cars to get out
  • the manager of the local pub used his 4*4 to help the house bound get food in
  • while the kids (of 3 to 90 years old) got creative building snowmen; ice castles, igloos  & tobogganing with what ever they could find -(bags, tin trays, boards, skis etc) instead of being stuck doing pointless things that they do not enjoy because society is based on the lies that business creates wealth and wealth can buy health & happiness.

The snow was the deepest for 30 years or so yet whether it was the worst winter weather or the best depends on your ability to enjoy the moment instead of giving your power to create your future over to things you can not change like the past.

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