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Share Trading for Profit

Share Trading for profit

Share Trading for profit is what the pros use to create an income stream even when they get half their deals going wrong on the stock exchange market.

The Stock Exchange is the Managed Market Place
where people gamble on the movement
in percieved value of shares in companies, industries or countries.
The Bulls think prices will rise.
The Bears think prices will fall

As the Stock Market is a Net Zero system,
which is better than the net loss systems of war & economics, inorder to for you gain others must loose the equiviant ammount.

Most amateurs loose their money because they buy shares on emotional grounds, on recomendations from brokers or mates in the pub that the share is moving up fast. So jump on the band wagon & hope the next up swing (in two years time) will go higher than this one to produce a capital gain for the tax man to take.

The Pros pick up the spare cash because they use a
strategy to manage their wealth creation
by only entering trades where reward is at least 3X
risk and by using protected stop losses
and a pre-defined exit strategy based on the evidence displayed in the charts eg

  • when it breaks the support (resistance) line
  • or when the share price crosses the rollingĀ  averages
  • or after 3 days

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