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Will Your life leap ahead this leap year?

Will Your life leap ahead to where you desire to be this leap year?

No it will not


  • ¬†you release the emotional baggage of blame & pain that you have picked up from the people around you

  • and choose to be resonating at a frequency that is in harmony with the good things in life.

It takes courage to let go of the chains that the political institutions of religion, schooling &economics place on you so you play small so the establishment can benefit from your fear.

This is why I listen to inspiring speakers on various telesummits like or at 3pm EST 12pst 8pm GMT

Be the Change you want to see in the worldat 3.50pmEST at 4pm EST at 7pm EST or at 8pm EST

at 9pm EST or

or listen to the replays although you get a more profound experience when you share experiences with more people at a time so live calls are better

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