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Climate Change? How will it effect you?

How will climate change effect you if we do not choose to act to change it?

The major effect of climate change that most people will experience will be the disruption of food supply due to the shifts in the weather patterns and heavier storms that result from increasing urban areas that are more than 4c warmer than the surrounding natural area.

This disruption of food supply is being made worse by people choosing to allow bureaucrats and the chemical industry to follow their own temporary self-interests, – instead the greatest good of all – by promoting high risk monoculture agriculture – which may produce higher production when the conditions are ideal but produce zero when the conditions are not ideal.

The disruption of food supply will become worse (and increase the risk of governments creating more wars) when up to 30% of the world’s population get displaced by the rising sea levels that will flood cities like it did at the end of the last ice age.

Sea levels are rising for three reasons

  1. The Physical  Law of Thermodynamics – things expand when heated – up to 24,000 times when a liquid turns into a gas.
  2. More water is added to the sea due to the melting of glaciers
  • due to the globalization of pollution via acid rain & ozone holes as a result of the “Clean Air” Acts
  • and by the rise in average air temperature due to the burning of fossil fuels to release CO2 that had been safely stored for millions of years.

3.  The capacity of  the sea to absorb more water is being reduced as stuff is dumped in the sea and land is lost due to ploughing and the heavier storms that are produced by the increasing difference in land & sea temperatures.

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