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How to be Happy?

How to be Happy?

This is a good question to askĀ  because not many people in modern society know how to answer this.

Modern economics is based on the theory that getting more stuff & the latest gadget will make you happy. As the happiness of achieving the product begins to ware off as soon as you got it home (unless you are reminded to be grateful every time you use the quality hi-fi or automobile) you are open to the tricks to sell you the next gadget next week.

It may come as a surprise to learn that recent research in America showed, that millionaires had a higher suicide rate than those who live or work on the streets (who often die young due to crime & substance [drugs / alcohol] abuse in attempt to obliterate the pain of their lives) because they realise that money can not buy happiness.

If you want to be Happy, you have to remember happiness is a feeling so is only created inside you when you choose to give events in your life a happy meaning. You can choose to be happy instantly by either changing what you are doing or changing the way you feel about what you are doing by remembering a happy song & looking for positive side of what you are doing.

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