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Value in Money video

Value in Money?

-this video says it all

This video explains how the workings of the human minds allowed the cultural programming of mis-understanding money to create the credit crunch.

Are you happy living in the “Age of Stupid” when it is the Governments’ policy to support the banks who deliberately hid their¬† mis-selling of credit (which caused the Credit Crunch) because they want to buy more stuff to stimulate the economy so it can increase the rate of climate change even more.¬† The economic system is incapable of benefiting for us while it rewards those who grab a temporary gain regardless of the cost to everyone of pollution.

What will you do to create your better future?

I will remember getting stuff does not add to your happiness because happiness is a felling so comes from inside you as you use the energy represented by your tools (imagination, money & stuff).

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