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Why Plants Make Us Happier & Healthier & Thus More Productive

Plants, just like people, come in all shapes & sizes and have different requirements & different qualities – and when placed in the right position will benefit us. Plants can insulate us from annoying noises that surround us & thus aid concentration on the important things in life, while also filtering out the harmful things like the electromagnetic radiation from the computer, Xerox or printer. Plants also produce the Oxygen we need to breathe.

Learning to recognize the signals when plants are not having their needs met eg drooping leaves & flowers when short of water, will also help us learn to recognize what is going on around us so we can tune into the visual clues to what the person is really saying as only 7% of communication is verbal while 55% is in the body language and the rest is in the tone of the voice. Learning to concentrate on needs that are exterior to our ego, even for short periods of time, will allow our true self to shine out as well as improving our communication and care for others.

Accepting a plant is assuming a new responsibility to care for another living being that helps us. Plants can only give us the Oxygen we need to breathe if, like all living things, they are not poisoned and have the right amounts of water & energy (from sunlight & food) and are in a supportive environment in which to thrive.

Naturally occurring plants that are native to the area will be more in tune with living in the area because they have co-evolved with the climate. However the man made climate change of the past 200 years due to urbanization & the release of millions of years worth of stored CO2 by the mining of fossil fuels and peat (a commercial sterile growing medium for plants) together with the plundering of the forests to provide just one season of grazing for the American burger trade is causing the world’s food production to fall as plants can not evolve as fast as the climate is changing

Taking the time to care of plants will can get rid of stress, it is scientifically proved because it breaks your routine so helps to put things into proper prospective -allowing your creativity and optimism to shine through when plants help you relax. Gardeners tend to live longer healthier & happier lives than non-gardeners because we realize that we need to nurture the seeds of our plans before we can enjoy the benefits of our efforts, and things happen that we can not control so we concentrate on the things we can change- our own thoughts & actions.

Stress is the biggest killer in modern society because it is unending. The human body has evolved over millions of years to respond to stress in the natural way of transferring blood & Oxygen from the skin & the rational thought section of the brain to the mussels used in the flight or fight reaction. Studies show that the sight of a beautiful scene will reduce stress (of visual people only) by reminding us of the fact we can have good things if we choose to. Different studies have demonstrated that the regular contact with real livingĀ  plants -especially aromatic plants like rosemary & lavender – reduces mental exhaustion and that taking care of plants can be the most efficient method to improve the emotional and physical general condition of people under stress. Plants have a serene effect, they reduce stress and relax muscles to improve the mood people taking care of the plants are in.

Plants are really needed in every workspace as the oxygen generated by plants creates enhanced mental agility and reduces the stress of working for someone who treats everyone how he wants to be treated although 97% of the population want to be treated in different ways.

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